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  Welcome to!
AspGrid 3.1 is an active server component which brings your ASP application the power of a data-bound grid control. With AspGrid, you can build browser-independent editable grid interfaces to your databases in as little as 3 lines of ASP code.

The web site is 100% dedicated to AspGrid. Here you can find the latest news and download the most up-to-date version of the component. The complete User Manual and Object Reference are also available online. Don't miss the Live Demos section where you can actually play with live data residing on our server.

  12/10/10 - Service Release Available
The service release fixes the error AspGrid Update Error. Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another when running AspGrid against MS Access in a 32-bit mode.
  AspGrid 3.1 Released
In response to your numerous requests, we have added a new mode to AspGrid which enables a user to edit, save and delete multiple records at once. For more information, see Chapter 9 of the manual.

Click here for a live demo

In AspGrid 3.1, we also added support for JavaScript-based pop-up calendars via the new method AttachCalendar. See Chapter 4 of the manual for details.

The upgrade is totally free for registered users. Download AspGrid 3.1 here.

  AspGrid Features
  • Ability to create a Web-based editable grid interface to an arbitrary database table in as little as 3 lines of ASP code.
  • Intuitive object interface which enables you to customize the appearance of data in a grid.
  • Support for foreign-key recordsets.
  • Support for HTML controls such as checkboxes, list boxes and textareas.
  • Ability to turn data fields into links or images.
  • Support for column-wise sorting.
  • Navigation buttons.
  • Support for data-bound forms.
  What's New in AspGrid 3.0/3.1
  • Support for an update-all-at-once mode New in 3.1
  • Support for a pop-up JavaScript calendar New in 3.1
  • Full backwards compatibility with AspGrid 2.5. Just change the ProgID to "Persits.Grid".
  • ADO support. The component is based on ADO rather than ODBC.
  • COM+ Role-based security support.
  • Full support for client-side JavaScript validation.
  • Programmatic access to individual grid elements.
  • Parameters can be set via an XML document.
  • Support for the Oracle database.
  • Enhanced data formatting.
  • Ability to index columns by field name and not only by number.
  • Support for alternating row coloring.
  • Turning fields into hyperlinks or images is greatly simplified.
  • Ability to show all rows in the edit mode.
  • Record search functionality.
  • Support for external ADO Recordset and Connection objects.
  • "Top" and "Bottom" navigation buttons.
  • ... and more!
  About this Site
This web site is also your user manual. A replica of this site will be created on your hard drive when you download and install an evaluation copy of AspGrid. The Manual section guides you step by step through all features of AspGrid. The Object Reference section contains a detailed description of AspGrid's objects, properties and methods.

In addition to the information contained in this site, a large number of sample ASP files, and a sample database, will be installed on your system when you run the setup.


What's New
12/10/10: AspGrid Released
10/08/10: New installers created
08/20/07: 64-bit AspGrid Released
07/26/07: 64-bit Keys on Sale
03/09/07: 64-bit Beta Released
08/13/04: AspGrid Released

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